Water, Water Everywhere!


080213_mishmash_israelWith rising temperatures and severe droughts worldwide, water has become a scarce commodity. For desert countries such as Israel, this is nothing new — making the quest for a consistent water supply a priority.

But through forward thinking, the country has managed to build four desalination plants, removing salt and waste from the Mediterranean Sea and converting it into fresh water. As a result, some say Israel may one day even have a surplus.

The first major desalination plant in Israel opened in southern coastal Ashkelon, Baltimore’s sister city. Today, the plant provides approximately 15 percent of Israel’s yearly water supply — churning out the equivalent of 15 million to 16 million 1-liter plastic bottles an hour.

This year, the Israel Desalination Enterprises’ Sorek Desalination Plant opened. Expected to be the largest desalination plant of its kind in the world, it will provide nearly seven million gallons of potable water to Israelis every hour.

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