Wedding Trends Shift in 2018

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Each year, new wedding trends emerge in all aspects of the celebration, from fashion and venue bookings to catering and more.

In the world of jewelry, Lindsey Jacobs, the marketing director of Radcliffe Jewelers, said that she’s noticing an increasing number of couples shopping together before making a decision on an engagement ring.

“Women are having a little bit more of a say, like having a Pinterest board beforehand just to make shopping a little easier for him,” Jacobs noted.

Jacobs also said that certain colors are making more of an appearance in ring design.

“Some people are doing rose gold in their engagement rings as opposed to the standard platinum or white gold,” she said.

Ofer Minka, the owner of Uptown Jewelers in Pikesville, said, “People are going back to basics.”

“Basic is actually elegant,” Minka said. “People are going to the designs that were always there and always will be there. That’s what we’ve noticed.”

Sarah Kelley, the wedding and social event sales manager with the Delta Hotels Baltimore Hunt Valley, is noticing the summer months “picking up steam again” in terms of wedding time frames.

“It is still heavy on the April, May, September and October front, but I’m getting more and more requests for the July, August, January and February off-season,” Kelley said. “It’s a good way to save money.”

For the men involved with the wedding, Scott Furman, the owner and president of Tuxedo House in Lutherville- Timonium, noticed that in 2018, the company is doing more suit rentals, “whether they’re daytime or destination weddings.”

“Navy blue this year is the new black,” Furman said. “Navy blue is hot right now instead of black tuxedos for somebody looking for something different that’s still fairly neutral. We’re finding weddings to be more classic and traditional today.”

Furman noticed bow ties paired with tuxedos and neckties with suits are trending now, too.

“We don’t do neckties with tuxedos because when a wedding is getting dressed, they want to elevate the wedding party from looking like any guest that’s coming to a wedding wearing a suit and a necktie,” Furman added.

On the bride’s side of the party, Paul Virilli, the owner of Jan’s Boutique in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, sees “a lot of dresses that are clean with simple lines” becoming top-sellers.

“The next major trend all over is off-the-shoulder,” Virilli said. “It’s being done on almost every dress. It used to be strapless, and that’s still big, but now it’s a sweetheart neck with off the shoulder. Women want to have a little bit of coverage, but not a lot.”

Virilli also said that the cold-shoulder look is back en vogue.

“Older and middle-aged women will expose the shoulder area because it looks good,” he said. “With the prom, it went into the evening dresses. We’re seeing it in some mother of the bride dresses, too.”

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Kelley said that in a lot of the weddings she managed this year, she’s seen bridesmaids have more liberty in their dress picks.

“Brides are not having their bridesmaids all have on the same dress,” Kelley said. “Most bridesmaids are now just given a color swatch and told to go pick out a dress that matches of their own choice.”

And what are the trends in terms of catering for all your guests?

Alan Weiss, the owner of Catering by Alan Weiss, said that due to the economy booming this past year, he has seen an increase in budgets for the big day. At the same time, he notices that weddings are becoming less formal.

“The formal wedding is a served meal. Today, I feel like weddings are looser in the sense that they’re station parties,” Weiss said. “They’re more laid-back. Instead of being served, people go up to different stations. What appeals to people about that is that stations are all self-contained.”

Chef Bryan David with Classic Catering said likewise that “interaction stations” are becoming the main focus of dinners for parties.

“A lot of people are trying to take care of all their guests,” David said. “The chefs are out on the floor, preparing the meals. Doing different types of cuisine on these different stations. Farm-to-table has become a big part of the trends out there now. People are becoming more conscious about buying local food.”

Dessert has also gotten more complicated than just your average wedding cake (though that, of course, is necessary, too). Apart from Weiss’ “Wow Plate,” which features a plethora of miniature desserts alongside the cake, Weiss licenses gourmet cotton candy out of Atlanta. In some cases, the cotton candy can taste like everything from sour apple to cinnamon bun to cookie dough.

“The trend is fun overall,” Weiss said.


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