We’ve Been Saying It For Years


In your Oct. 4 issue, you wrote an excellent article about the offensive postcard sent to “thousands of residents from Owings Mills to Silver Spring” (“Jewish Christian?!”). I was unaware of this since I did not receive one. As someone who has often been quoted in the JT, it seems that I should say something about this now. First, I agree with you that the “blatant misrepresentation” on the card is unfortunate, even offensive. Although I agree with Tom Cantor’s right to send what he wishes and even agree with him that you can be both Jewish and a talmid of Yeshua, I don’t agree with his tactic. This subject is so sensitive that I can really feel the angst this would cause, especially for older Jewish people. As Marshall McLuhan wrote many decades ago: “The medium is the message.” I don’t care for Mr. Cantor’s medium, particularly because he included logos of a number of Jewish agencies, including your paper’s, on the postcard. That seems deceptive to me and quite unnecessary.

Second, Rabbi Ron Shulman is quoted as saying that a “belief in Jesus goes against any normative strand of Judaism.” This is true — now. …

Third, you mentioned the recent Pew Research Center poll that just discovered that 34 percent of U.S. Jews don’t see a belief in Yeshua as inconsistent with being Jewish. We [Messianic Jews] have been saying this for decades. …
Barry Rubin
Emmanuel Messianic Jewish Congregation

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