What Is the Right Lesson?


The JT’s editorial “The Lesson of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Victory” (July 6) states the wrong lesson but doesn’t explicitly state the right lesson. Dialoging with Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is not a lesson but a necessity, although I believe it will be a lesson in futility, given the ferocity of her views.

The right lesson: The growth of the socialist positions in the Democratic party is a cause of great concern. For one thing, socialism has never worked anywhere at any time and is just a way to take the product of the productive and distribute it to the non-productive. However noble the socialists’ causes are, they are misguided as a form of government and conflict directly with the desires of the Founding Fathers of our great country. In essence, they are substituting “free” for “freedom.”

It’s wonderful to want everyone to have everything (and that’s pretty much the socialist platform) but someone has to pay for it, and those people who are the hard-working members of society are the ones who then lose their freedoms and the monetary means to contribute to the causes we choose to support.

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