What The Numbers Say


According to the 2010 Greater Baltimore Jewish Community Study:
• There are 93,400 Jewish people over the age of 18 in Baltimore.
• Of the total population, 14,600 — almost 16 percent of the Jewish population — are between the ages 18 to 29.
• Of the 93,400 Jews in Baltimore, 4,500 live downtown, 6,600 live in Mt. Washington and 4,100 live in Guilford/Roland Park.
• Seventy-four percent of community study survey respondents say being Jewish is important to them, and 13 percent claim they are secular or non-denominational.
• Only 14 percent of non-Orthodox Jews ages 18 to 34 feel it’s important to be a part of a Jewish community.
• Seventy percent of survey respondents report some volunteer activity; 57 percent of non-denominational and secular Jews report volunteer activity.
• Eighty-seven percent of Jewish households made some charitable contribution in the year before the study.

According to the Pew Research Center Survey of U.S. Jews:
• Financial contributions to Jewish causes are more common among religious Jews (67 percent) than non-religious Jews (20 percent).
• High-income households (those making over $150,000) are more likely to donate to Jewish causes.

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