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Ideas to Make Your Sukkot Holiday Special

A popular custom, which began in the 16th century, is to ask guests, in the form of the Jewish forefathers, into one’s sukkah. The guests are called ushpizin, and include: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Aaron and David. You can design your own poster showing the ushpizin for your sukkah walls.

You may have heard of making jam or a pomander from the etrog, but did you know part of the lulav has another use, as well? In Eastern Europe, Jews kept their willow branches then burned them in the oven while making matzoh for Pesach. Why not give it a try yourself?

On Sukkot we celebrate the harvest, the many fruits and grains which God has given to us. Try creating a meal that uses as many of these as you can.

Find something new to use to decorate your sukkah this year. Some families get quite sophisticated, bringing in chandeliers and rugs. Look around your house and see what you might use to make your sukkah more homey.

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