Why Not?


What a Maryland congressman told the Baltimore Jewish Times (“Faith In Health Care Reforms,” May 24) about all the health-care options that will be available to us in 2014 is questionable. If this is really true, why don’t our politicians have the same health-care insurance that ordinary folks have? Preferably, I want their health-care insurance. What I was told recently by a retired politician was, “You can’t have it.” Why not?

Progressive Maryland has chased businesses and residents out of town. And now a rain tax?
Finally, how unfortunate we are to be getting gambling casinos (“Worth The Gamble?” May 24) to an already heavily addicted community. I imagine the money we will be making from this will be paying for gambling rehab.

Toby Mower

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  1. A wonderful article! And not just because Patrick S. Daniels III happens to be my son. There are plenty of reasons we have bragging rights. This son of mine is a natural leader and welcomes all and diverse situations into his life. He grew up in a Jewish majority neighborhood and never uttered a racist word in my presence. He chose Baltimore as his city when Teach for America offered him many cities; not many might have. Racial prejudice is not part of his makeup. We are quite proud of him and his mounting list of awards!


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