On May 26, Marcia Lee Wise, raised in Pittsburgh and Mt. Lebanon, Pa., and most recently from Baltimore, died from long-term illness and a related stroke. Moishe Leah was born at 11:58 pm on April 27, 1946, and sadly enjoyed only a two-minute birthday ever since. She was born to Charles and Ethel Wise at Ft. Riley, Kan. Her late brother, Mark Wise, was a commercial realtor in Pittsburgh. She is survived by her niece, Ilona Margit Lawrence, and her first cousins, Elaine Levinson of Pittsburgh, Wayne Schwartz of Phoenix, Howard Berman of Baltimore, and Bezy Jo Lange and Marc Schwartz of California. She is greatly missed by her family, dear friends, and loving companion for more than 30 years Thomas H. Bornhorst.


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