Wonder Bread Goes Kosher


101113_wonder_bread_smHostess Brands recently emerged from bankruptcy, which means Wonder Bread is back on the shelves.

Remember Wonder Bread? It’s hard to forget the fluffy American sandwich staple of the 20th century. But now, it’s going kosher.

The Orthodox Union recently announced that it’s certifying Wonder Bread products in regions of the U.S. If the product bears an OU symbol, it has been certified. It’s unclear in which cities one will find kosher Wonder Bread, as the Orthodox Union has stated it will not be everywhere.

The big question: What’s the next Hostess product to bear an OU? Twinkies, Ho Hos?

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  1. Just for the sake of truth and clarity, Wonder Bread for years carried the hashgacha of Rabbi Aryeh Ralbag’s “Triangle K”. And while the “Triangle K” is not recommended within certain communities who have different standards, it’s presence is a far cry from something being “Not kosher”. Much like Hebrew National, which also bears Rabbi Ralbag’s certification, many people would sadly consider them to be “traif” (technically the incorrect term) rather than not conforming to a higher standard. I doubt that the OU would have considered either product to be “not kosher” but due to technical issues, could not recommend them. Hostess attempted to alter their formulation of doughs and fillings a number of years ago to be kosher but if I recall correctly, they could that animal based fat was an essential ingredient to preserving the quality of Twinkie’s etc. One doesn’t have to accept Rabbi Ralbag’s certification, but one shouldn’t give the impression that Wonder Bread was never kosher.


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