Writing contest Silver Wordsmiths 2nd place: 2020 SOS

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By Carolyn Scherr

The Pandemic, oh the Pandemic
It’s really here and what a shame.
It didn’t get an invitation
But it got here just the same

By land and sea and even air
Invading every continent
With a fervor and a power
That truly was hell bent.

It changed our way of living
And changed our way of life
And in hardly any time at all
It bombarded us with strife.

Frequent washings of the hands
And a mask upon the face
Were the instructions given us
To help slow down the pace.

We had to keep apart a distance
Of at least six feet
When we and any loved ones
Had a chance to meet and greet.

I think there are two points of view
In our limited situation
Some feel they’re under house arrest
That’s not like a vacation.

I feel blessed where I am living
It’s very safe and people care
Informing and advising us
Keeping tabs on our welfare.

I love working crossword puzzles
It’s my favorite thing to do
But if you’ll forgive the pun
Sometimes I don’t have a clue.

I walk the halls in my building
At least four times a pop
Sometimes I have to coax myself
But I do not want to stop.

We can still enjoy the sunny days
With a schlep or with a stroll
It’s like a gift you’re giving
To your body and your soul.

Kudos to Yaffa our caterer
Each day he sends us dinner
They’re tasty and nutritious
But we’re not getting any thinner.

The kugel and stuffed cabbage
Are my very favorite
I often like to mix and match
But I still eat every bit.

On several special mornings
A package waited at my door
Crammed with fruits and lots of veggies
Who could ask for more?

Chai you did a mitzvah
The foodstuffs were a hit
You even got us motivated
To cook a little bit.

We wish a happy birthday
To The Associated Federation
From the Jewish community
During the COVID-19 duration.

For your outstanding contributions
You’ve enriched the lives of many
On that we all agree.

Jewish Times we give our thanks to you
for your wealth of information
Here in our ccommunity
And all across the nation.

As for the Pandemic
One thing I know for sure
This too shall pass one day
But it won’t be as it was before.

There will be a brand new normal
An enlightened one I hope
Nourished by the strength and wisdom
From which we learned to cope.

Face it and embrace and make it work for you.

Carolyn Scherr is an 89-year-old writer.

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