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Laurie Rosen (Provided)

Laurie Rosen, a Baltimore native and part-time financial loan consultant at her father’s company, HFS Financial, is one of the newest community connectors through the Macks Center for Jewish Education. Rosen is tasked with providing opportunities for members of the community to connect with peers through various Jewish programs and activities “to cultivate and deepen relationships,” according to the program’s website.

Rosen, 33, attended Pikesville High School, then earned a bachelor’s degree in business marketing and management from the University of Delaware. She returned to Baltimore to attend graduate school at Towson University, where she earned a master’s in education. She then taught second- and third-graders at Deep Creek Elementary School in Baltimore County for four years. She lives in the Greenspring area with her husband, Mike, and 17-month-old daughter, Ruby.

How did you become a community connector?

I went to previous connector events and thought, ‘Wow, this could be really fun.’ The connector who did it before me thought I would be a good fit and so did Liz Rozmaryn, the connectors’ leader. I like to plan things for my own group of friends, and with this, I would have a budget and could plan whatever I wanted. My goal is to do one event a month.

What does it entail?

What we do is plan events, some with kids and some without. We cover everything along the spectrum of the Center for Jewish Education. I work in the Pikesville-Mount Washington area, that’s my target market, specifically for [families with] kids under 4. We just did a Shabbat dinner at Meadowood Park, and we have a tot Shabbat morning program coming up in the park with a song leader. It is a fun way to get families together, especially if people want to celebrate Shabbat and don’t know how or don’t belong to a synagogue.

Everything is registration- based, but you don’t have to live in the Pikesville-Mount Washington area. As long as people will drive, and people will, the connector program is a really great way to meet people. The Facebook group has 180 families with kids under 4 in the area, and we are always doing playdates and going to the pool.

For event ideas, I ask a lot of people in the group what they want to do, because I want to put my time, energy and money into what people want.

What events are in the works?

Coming up, we are renting the Bubala Indoor Playground [on Reisterstown Road], and in August, we have a moms night out. It’s not just about the kids; you need events for the parents as well. Many moms are excited to get together with other moms to talk, share stories and get advice. But we also want to connect dads, so we are working on planning a fall couples night. It is tricky around all of the holidays, but a couples night out on a Saturday night with as many couples in the surrounding area as possible [would be] a fun night.

We will be busy when the holidays come around, which will be nice. We always like to have a Jewish tie-in, and holidays are a given that we will have a lot going on. We will also be starting up some volunteering on a monthly basis.

I just love connecting people. I like when all of my worlds collide, and that is what being a community connector is. Ultimately, the goal is simple: for young Jewish families to meet other young Jewish families.

>> If you have children under the age of 4 in the Pikesville-Mount Washington area and want to register for future events, contact

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