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Alycia Edwards and her family
Alycia Edwards and her family (David Blecman)

Alycia Edwards, 34, has launched several initiatives during the pandemic.

One is MOM BOD, fitness classes for moms, which she started over the summer. In addition, she recently decided to take her seven years of social media experience and start a social media consulting company called Social by Alycia Edwards.

Edwards grew up in Columbia, where she went to Beth Shalom Congregation. She attended Towson University and studied communication with a minor in English.

She now lives in Shrewsbury, Pa., right next to the Maryland-Pennsylvania border, with her husband, Chris, and two children, Rylan, 3, and Ariella, 1.

How did MOM BOD come about?

I started my Facebook group, MOM BOD: Outdoor & Virtual Fitness in MD/PA, post-COVID. What inspired me to start the community was the desire to provide a safe, socially distant, outdoor fitness opportunity for moms in which they could feel comfortable bringing their children along as well. This allowed them a chance to not only be physically active but have some safe social interaction and not have to worry about “mom guilt” or finding a sitter. While there are other concepts similar to this in Maryland and Pennsylvania, there were no options within 35 minutes of my community on the MD/PA line, so I decided to get certified and create the opportunity.

When the colder temperatures arrived, I decided, as a service to the community, I would stream free workouts via my Facebook group all winter long. It was important to me to support other mothers during this challenging combination of wintertime and a pandemic. I partnered with over 20 local fitness instructors and personal trainers who, alongside me, are leading these free, virtual workouts. So not only are we bringing these opportunities to women in the community, we’re also promoting these local fitness professionals who have been affected by the pandemic in obvious ways.

Why did you decide to target moms?

Once you become a mother, there’s this shift in your way of thinking in terms of incorporating self-care into your life. I know, for me, it was really hard to find that balance of feeling like I was being a “good mom” and being present with my children, but still finding the time to take care of myself. I truly believe that in order for a mother to function to her highest potential, she has to take care of herself as well. I knew during these difficult times that this is a demographic that really needs accessible, affordable ways to care for their mental and physical health.

How did Social by Alycia Edwards come about?

I’ve always been really interested in social media and have a long professional history of working with small businesses. Due to the pandemic and the effect that it had on small businesses, I realized the need in the community for someone to provide guidance and support for these small businesses at affordable rates, so I decided to start Social by Alycia Edwards. I provide research-based social media support. My client load has grown, really, really quickly, which I feel so fortunate for. I’m able to use my connections in different industries to partner businesses together and cross-market, and it’s been really rewarding helping these businesses grow.

You started both MOM BOD and Social by Alycia Edwards in the past year. Is there a reason you’re starting these initiatives now?

With the pandemic, along with most people, I’ve reevaluated my schedule, my priorities and where to shift my attention to. I needed to be able to be more available to my children, so I’ve focused on these outlets which allow me the flexibility in my schedule while still making an income and feeling professionally fulfilled.

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