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Meet Arielle Ashpes, and you’ll instantly catch her energy and enthusiasm.

Arielle Ashpes, 25, grew up in Baltimore and currently resides in Towson. Arielle is the marketing and communications coordinator for The Baltimore Zionist District (BZD).

While attending Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida, Arielle started diving into many different interests and hobbies that helped guide her toward her ultimate career path. Arielle enjoys anything to do with art, nature and Israel. While writing music, singing and playing guitar were always passions, she began performing live at venues through the Boca Raton area.

It was during this time that Arielle founded her business, Tech Savvy Ari. Halfway through her junior year at FAU, Arielle transferred to Stevenson University due to her mother’s illness.

This past May, Arielle graduated summa cum laude from Stevenson University with a degree in business communication.

In addition to her academic and work success, Arielle has a well-established blog called, “Oh How I Love.” Over all its social platforms, “Oh How I Love” has over 30,000 followers.

Can you explain what Tech-Savvy Ari is and how it came about?

Tech-Savvy Ari (TSA) focuses on teaching individuals ages 50+ how to use social media and their technological devices. I started TSA while living in Boca Raton. The story is a little funny, as far as how the idea for it came to be. Truth be told, I was laying poolside at my grandfather’s condominium complex, and often times, women and men would come up to me and ask me questions about their phones or social media.

Over time, I grew kind of curious as to why I was their “go-to” for all questions surrounding social media and tech. When I politely asked, they said, “Well, my children/grandchildren, aren’t able to help me like you can.” I was thrilled that I was actually teaching these individuals in a way that was able to stick.

Eventually, as more and more people started to come up to me, asking me questions and wanted more time to grasp the concepts, I started holding small lecture-type meetings in the party room of the condo’s building. After that, my business just started to grow from there and I began tutoring one-on-one.

When I moved back home, I decided to continue Tech-Savvy Ari in Baltimore, which meant having a brand new clientele. I became a social media consultant, in addition to tutoring, for different businesses. When I first started working with businesses in Baltimore, I actually worked for free. The reason is because I wanted to gain a better professional understanding of the business without the added pressure of being perfect; I knew I had a lot to learn. I gained a perspective that I otherwise wouldn’t have, had I not worked for free. I also chose to study, on my own time, a lot about psychology, as I felt like it was a crucial aspect to being successful in social media.

When did you start at BZD?

I started interning for BZD in February of this year. It was such a great experience, and I often found myself wishing I had more time to work with them. So, when I was offered a full-time position, it was a no-brainer. I accepted the position immediately!

What does your job entail?

Handling anything under the marketing and communications umbrella. So I’d say that includes all social media, communication between synagogues within the community and other organizations. I also manage our newsletter, weekly emails and content creation. I also am in charge of the photography for our events, which often goes hand in hand with social media.

Is this something you knew you always wanted to do?

Working in social media? I think it’s relative because social media wasn’t as big as it is today when I was a child. But I knew I always wanted to work around people and help others in some way.

How has being Jewish impacted your job?

It has impacted it greatly. Although it’s possible to have a great sense of Israel if you’re not Jewish, I think for me, being Jewish and having a deep love for Israel from a very young age has helped set the tone and passion for my work.

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