You Should Know … Bradley Kerxton


Bradley Kerxton, 34, loves his work at the JCC of Greater Baltimore.

(Courtesy of Bradley Kerxton)

After growing up in Baltimore, Kerxton went to Kent State University for an undergraduate degree in human development and family studies and a master’s degree in public administration. Following college, he moved back home to Baltimore. Now, he serves as the senior director of operations at the JCC.

Kerxton lives in Pikesville and belongs to Baltimore Hebrew Congregation.

What do you do as the senior director of operations?
I’m in charge of all of our building rentals for the Owings Mills and Park Heights campuses. Anyone who wants to use space, I oversee our security companies in both buildings, our food service needs in both buildings. I get to work with each department at the chain to kind of help their logistics for their programming and the behind-the-scenes parts that make life easier for them. I’m part of our summer camp team where I get to do all the operations for that. So the scheduling, to the special events, to all the programming. I get to still be involved in camp, which is one of my passions.

What do you do on a day-to-day basis?
I look through all my emails, I answer any voicemails that I get. Usually, it’s about a rental or something going on. After I get through all my emails, I usually either work on upcoming rental contracts or create systems for different programs. I get to be a little hands on. I get to go set up for a space or I get to organize a closet to make life easier for a department where I’m creating a schedule. Every day is a little different, but I get a great mix of meetings, of getting to do some office work and to be hands on [with] the property and on the campus.

What’s your favorite part of your job?
I think my favorite part of the job is being able to help the community. It’s why I do this type of work, because I really enjoy getting to help others. I really enjoy getting to make life easier for others and making sure everyone who comes through our doors has an enjoyable experience.

What do you like about working for a Jewish organization?
I think for me it’s two things. It’s the community atmosphere. We all work together, we all have the same goals, we all have the same environment, we all want the same things. We get to infuse Judaism in our programming in an informal way where we get to sneak in Judaism, and that’s what I really like about being able to do that.

Do you have a lot of friends at work?
Yeah. The great thing about working at the JCC is we are really a community center, so I’ve been in my colleagues’ weddings. I’ve gone on vacations with them. We go to dinner all the time. I really made some of my best friends at work.

Outside of work, what are some things you do for fun?
I’m a big fan of local sports teams. I go to a lot of Orioles games and Ravens games. I like to travel a lot. I’m a big fan of cruises. If I’m not at work, I really like to be out and about checking out new restaurants, checking out new places, exploring new things.

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