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Born in Jackson, Mississippi, Baltimore resident Carter Wise has lived all over the U.S., and even spent some time in Europe. Wise, 35, began his professional life as a pastry chef, training in France at Centre de Formation D’apprenti. Wise ended up working at multiple restaurants in New York City before moving to Colorado where he got into his current occupation: selling real estate.

Now in Baltimore, Wise runs a property management company called CENMAR that helps renters become buyers, owners who want to invest into real estate long term, and help guide property portfolios. Wise also buys and sells real estate as an agent for RE/MAX Sales in Baltimore. Although he’s willing to travel for clients, Wise sells mostly in downtown neighborhoods such as Canton, Fells Point, Harbor East and Federal Hill.

So you trained in France as a pastry chef. What was that like?

I lived in France for almost five years. I trained in Michelin Star restaurants. I received a culinary arts diploma and degree in patisserie, chocolaterie, venoiserie and glacier. I was then able to move to New York and practice my craft.

Is there a specific reason that you became a chef?

As a kid I had a knack for cooking. Cooking in my home was something everyone did. I signed up when I was in high school for a job interview and I got the job. I discovered when I was working there, “oh this is something I take pleasure in,” and then I decided to pursue studies to better understand working in a kitchen and then I turned it into a profession.

Is there a food that you like to make the most?

I am classically French trained but you get to a point to where you want to just start cooking other types of cuisine and using different spices and different ways of cooking. So I have a habit now of when I cook, I’ll travel from continent to continent or different countries. Since I don’t do it as a profession anymore, I’ll do it at home. So one week it may be Moroccan or one week it may be Asian or South American. It just depends on what challenge I want to set myself for. Sometimes the cooking was Ethiopian food or Indian food. The spices are so strong. It can take a while to adapt to the flavor. I kind of push myself to start working with different spices so I can master those types of cooking.

Did you change to real estate when you moved to Baltimore?

No, I actually changed when I was in Colorado. I have a passion for cooking and I know I will cook in my home, but I wanted to do something else as a career. I ended up looking into jobs and some friends of mine were in real estate, and suggested I get into that. I took some time off, and studied to get my real estate license in Colorado, then passed those exams, and started working out there in property management.

Do you attend synagogue or celebrate any holidays?

Yes, I am an Orthodox Jew. I attend services regularly – every Shabbat and for holidays.

Is there a holiday that you like most?

That’s a great question. Probably Shabbat is my most favorite holiday out of all of them. But I get a lot out of every single holiday and enjoy them for their own reason.

Do you make Shabbat dinner every weekend?

There is a very vibrant community here in downtown Baltimore. I will make a Shabbat dinner for people to come over and share it with me once to twice a month. I’ll do a traditional Shabbat lunch every Saturday afternoon. I am very lucky to live in a young community where there is typically always a Shabbat dinner to go to.

Where do you see yourself in five to 10 years?

I definitely see myself doing real estate here in Baltimore. Hopefully I’ll be settled down, married and having kids.


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