You Should Know … Courtney Kotlicky


Courtney Kotlicky has only lived in the Baltimore area for two years, but they were “two Covidian years — that means it feels like 70,” she joked.

Courtney Kotlicky with her husband, Isaac, and kids, Sima Leah and Matanel Emet. (Yaffa Koff Photography)

The 38-year-old intelligence analyst grew up in D.C. and Northern Virginia, and went on to study sociology and criminal justice at Northern Virginia Community College, and then criminal justice, homeland security and emergency preparedness at Virginia Commonwealth University. Today, she lives in Pikesville, Md., with her husband, Isaac, and their children, Sima Leah, 8, and Matanel Emet, 7 months. Sima Leah attends Ohr Chadash Academy, and Matanel Emet hangs out at Water Babies Child Development Center.

The family attends Ohel Moshe, and Kotlicky is also involved in Kamochah, “a JOC [Jews of Color] sisterhood of sorts,” she said. “So far, it’s been more of a social thing. Every once in a while, there’s learning via our WhatsApp group.”

In the future, she said she would love to get more involved in local learning opportunities and volunteering at the mikvah.

What is your favorite thing about living in the Baltimore Jewish community?
Is it basic to say the kosher food?

What drew you to your line of work?
The honest answer is conspiracy theories. The professional answer is wanting to be a part of preventing the next 9/11.

Can you share a “Pinch me, I must be dreaming” story from your job?
Not really.

That’s fair. How about this instead: What would be your advice to young people interested in a career in your field?
Learn a language. Read, read, read! Read things that you would never, whether it’s political, historical, social — definitely cultural and diplomatic. And definitely network: It’s about who you know and the quality of your work.

What are you reading right now or what was the last book you read?
Viola Davis’s autobiography and “The 1619 Project.”

Do you look forward to or dread Yom Kippur?
It’s a mixed bag. I love the High Holidays, but don’t like fasting. But fasting and parenting also hits different. How do you make the day meaningful for yourself? This has been a struggle, and I’m still trying to figure that out.

Who is your Jewish hero or role model?
I have lots! Greggory DuBois d’Holliday Horn, Chava Shervington, Aimee Kopolow, Isaac Kotlicky. All Jews living their authentic selves and teaching me how to be comfortable with myself.

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