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Michael Rosen

You might wonder how a young man from Rockland County, New York, who majored in chemistry and criminal justice at the University of Delaware wound up heading a dental practice in Timonium, where he sometimes dresses up in costume to raise money for charity.

But chat for a few minutes with Dr. Michael Rosen of Pikesville and that “weird combination” of things all seem to fall logically into place.

The 31-year old dentist and married father of two young children opened The Center of Dentistry in Timonium just 10 months ago, after working for other dentists in Bel Air and Perry Hall. Brought up with the Jewish values of helping others, he, his wife and staff have, since the office opened, raised hundreds of dollars and contributed scores of canned goods, toys and other items to area charities including the Baltimore Hunger Project, The Harambe Center, The Red Devils, Kennedy Krieger Institute, Beans and Bread and Ronald McDonald House. All with a sense of fun and, of course, a smile.

Why did you get into dentistry?

I was actually a double major in chemistry and criminal justice. It sounds like a weird combination. I used to love watching all the “Forensic Files,” all those shows. So, for a second, I thought my major might be forensics, but I wound up pursuing dentistry.

What inspired that change?

I started volunteering on an ambulance at the University of Delaware. And I enjoyed it, but I didn’t love the life-or-death aspect. I liked helping people, but in a bit more relaxed, non-death environment, which is why I thought dentistry was going to be the better fit. And I was always intrigued by all the equipment and technology and the materials that are used. And the more I learned about it, the more I liked it.

So, you didn’t follow in any well-trod family footsteps?

I’m a first-generation dentist. There’s no one in my family with a dental background.

How long was your training?

I did four years at Delaware for undergrad. Graduated with double bachelor’s degree, then went to University of Maryland for dental school for four years. After dental school I did a one-year advanced training residency in West Palm Beach, Florida, at a VA hospital. On a whim I applied to one I thought would be a fun place to live and ironically, that was the first program I heard from. It was nice.

Were you married at that point?

We had just gotten engaged, so my wife Laurie said to me she’ll come with me for the year, but just the year. She told me I couldn’t get a license in Florida, so I wouldn’t be tempted to stay. We flew home to get married, for an extended weekend, and I went back to finish my residency. Then we went on our honeymoon to the Bahamas.

What’s the best part of having your own practice?

Having the flexibility to practice the way I want, use the materials and technology that I’d like to use to enhance the outcome of my treatment. And we’ve been doing, just about every month, some kind of charitable thing. A lot of Facebook fundraisers, and for every “Like” we donate a dollar to an organization, for every “Share” we donate two dollars. That’s been fun and I’m able to kind of give back to the community as I’m trying to grow a business.

Does that tie in with your Jewishness?

I came from a Jewish upbringing and I was taught to give back and share the love, so to speak. It definitely has to do with my Jewish upbringing and that’s how I approach life, that I want to treat people the way that I want to be treated and do what I can to help out.

Any hobbies?

My more recent hobby is I’ve started running. I’ve done about six half-marathons so far in the last year and a half. I’m on my way to Disney with my father-in-law to run the Disney half-marathon. I’ve done the Baltimore half-marathon, the Philly half-marathon and the Disney half-marathon. It really is one of the only times in a day when I’m by myself, I can clear my head, and think about whatever I need to think.

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