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Taylor saval (selfie)
Taylor saval (selfie)

Last year, straight out of esthetician school, Taylor Saval landed a job at Elements of Style in Eldersberg. Once the pandemic erupted, spas had to close, and she was furloughed. She eventually lost her job, and feeling lost, she decided to take initiative. Saval talked to the owner of Tropical Tan & Spa in Reisterstown and proposed opening a spa in their tanning salon.

At just 21, she founded Taylor’d Skin on Aug. 25. Right now, her shop is having a 20% off everything sale for a short period of time.

Saval, a Beth El congregant, grew up in Owings Mills, where her parents own and sell Shabbat food. She’s now living in Towson with her pit bull.

How do you manage a spa in a pandemic?

It’s definitely hard because with skin care you’re close in a room together. But I’m taking all precautions. I wear a mask, I use disposable materials and thoroughly clean the indisposable items.

It’s definitely difficult. People are still getting used to the fact that my kind of business is open. But you can’t force people to be OK with it, you just welcome those who are comfortable. I am definitely stressed out. But I’m happy I did it because I believe in myself and I can take it as far as I want to. It will eventually all be worth it, I’m praying.

What do you mean when you say take it further?

I definitely one day want to open my own spa.

Also, I want to create a great work environment. I had a bad experience in a previous employment and I want to be different. I want to be that boss that people are comfortable with, who makes them happy to go to work. Not just a place to work, but a family. I don’t want people to hate their job because they hate their boss, which I know a lot of people feel.

And I want to accommodate everybody, with different work styles and experiences.

Tell us what’s unique about your services.

Well, the reason I love my job so much is it’s very personal. I like to build personal relationships with my clients. I want them to think of me as a friend, not just a skin therapist. I’ve experienced when people come in from an awful day and they get into my chair for a facial, and it just changes their day. They lay in the chair, I work on their skin, and they’re in such a better mood. It helps lives, because some people just can’t relax themselves. To have someone come in and let me do the work for them, massage their face and take care of their face, really improves their mood. Even with waxing, people laugh but I make conversation with them and make everyone feel good about their skin

[One unique service is] what I do with lashes, is I do lash lift. It’s like a perm for your eyelashes. It makes them curly and voluminous. You don’t even have to do anything, you just wake up and will look like that

There’s also individual lashes that go on your lashes to add volume and they stay on.

What’s also unique about my shop is everyone’s skin is different, so I get to mix things up and customize it for everyone. And I’m always learning.

What’s your favorite indulgence, such as getting your nails done?

I actually hate getting my nails done! It takes way too long and I just want my hands back.

I personally like facials, not just because I do them, but because they relax you. There is a peel exfoliator I really like. I don’t pamper myself much, but when I do that’s what I like.

What does your Jewish identity mean to you?

It’s definitely a family tradition. I was bat mitzvahed, my grandparents go to shul every day. For me it’s how I grew up, It’s all I really know. My grandmother grew up Orthodox, so it’s something that connects me to them.

What does Baltimore mean to you?

My family grew up here. I grew up in Pikesville. It’s home. Whether I move or not, it always be home. My entire family is here, I’m surrounded by the people who make me most happy.

Who is your role model?

My mom. She inspires me every day. She has lupus. She’s done the most for me, she gets up when she doesn’t want to, just to help me. When I don’t have funds, she is there. She taught me everything I know.

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