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kid gets the COVID-19 vaccine

Inspired by COVID vaccines for kids, these rabbis (and their children) wrote prayers

By Shira Hanau When Rabbi Lisa Gelber heard that the Food and Drug Administration had approved the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine for children ages 5-11, she...
Rabbi Yehuda Gerani

Iran’s chief rabbi: Iran’s Jews are guests in their country

By Suzanne Pollak Iran’s chief rabbi: Iran’s Jews are guests in their country By Suzanne Pollak Rabbi Yehuda Gerani, the chief rabbi of Iran, told a Northern...
Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley to Republican Jews: AIPAC takes bipartisanship too far

Nikki Haley, among the most popular likely 2024 presidential contenders in the pro-Israel community, sharply criticized AIPAC for what she said was its overemphasis...
Chanukah pillow with a Passover phrase

‘Tis the season of Chanukah misfires — and chastened retailers

By Shira Hanau “Deck the halls with matzo balls”? Chanukah menorahs with 12 candles? Products with misfired Chanukah messages have drawn gripes for years, but this...
Bennett Pittel carries an imitation Torah

Damage to an imitation Torah triggers real mourning — and questions

Bennett Pittel bore the tiny imitation Torah, its pages creased and unraveled from the wood-colored plastic rollers, on a yellow dish rag. Pittel’s brothers in...
Attendees at the Eradicate Hate Global Summit

Eradicate Hate summit concludes, but work has just begun

By Toby Tabachnick and Adam Reinherz The Eradicate Hate Global Summit brought more than 100 experts from an array of disciplines to Pittsburgh last week...
A student bikes across a college campus

New study from Hillel and ADL finds a third of students on campus experienced...

By Philissa Cramer A third of Jewish college students say they have personally experienced antisemitism in the last year, according to a new survey conducted...
Colin Powell with Ariel Sharon

Colin Powell, who brokered the Middle East ‘road map’ to peace, dies at 84

Colin Powell will be remembered in history as the first Black U.S. national security advisor, the first Black military chief of staff and the...

With Yair Lapid at his side, Blinken uses a word that Israel has been...

Yair Lapid got what he wanted out of his Washington visit: the word “every,” instead of “other.” During Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s first meeting...
Orthodox Jewish man takes a selfie

For Orthodox Jews, WhatsApp outage highlighted community infrastructure

By Julia Gergely and Shira Hanau Asher Lovy was expecting a flood of notifications on the morning of Oct. 4 when he posted information about...