Rabbi Gruenberg

Parshat Ekev: A Relationship Should Not Be Based on Fear

The Reform theologian Jakob Josef Petuchowski once wrote the following about this week’s Torah portion: “A Jew reads the Torah not as one reads...

DNC Affirms Support for Israel

There were many items up for consideration when the Democratic National Committee’s platform committee held a virtual meeting last week to consider changes to...

Letters to the Editor: August 7

No Introspection Needed The Times and The JT don’t need introspection (“Pot Calling the Kettle Black,” July 31). Economic growth has been somewhat decent during Trump,...
David Suissa

Voices | For High Holidays, Do the Unexpected: Double Down

By David Suissa | JNS With Jewish communal life turned upside down during these pandemic times, and the High Holidays fast approaching, the anxiety of...
israeli and palestinian flags on a cracked wall

Voices | The One-State Delusion

By Paul M. Schneider Several commentators have proclaimed the Middle East peace process dead, and with it the possibility of a two-state solution. Some who...
Rabbi James Michaels

Parshat Vaetchanan: The Shema’s Amazing Staying Power

By Rabbi James R. Michaels “Shema Yisrael ...” Almost any Jew who hears these two Hebrew words knows that they mean: “Hear, O Israel!” And...

Who Invited the Feds?

What is the proper role of the federal government in local law enforcement activity? Two different programs being pursued by the Trump administration highlight...

A Fourth Israeli Election?

Since Israel’s emergency government was formed in May, the problems have only gotten worse. Last week, there was talk of another national election by...
Left: A schoolhouse. Right: Two parents yelling at each other

Voices | Parents Face Impossible Choices. We Shouldn’t Face School-Shaming, Too.

By Melissa Henriquez | JTA I’m dubbing “school shaming” the new Mommy War of 2020. If you’re a parent of school-aged children and you’ve been on...

Letters to the Editor: July 31

The Peter Beinarts of the Past So many times my family read the Times in our apartment home on Broadway (“Beinart v. Gordis: The Israel...