Two children in paddleboats on a lake.

Opinion | The comeback begins

By Jeremy J. Fingerman I can’t believe we have finally arrived at this special time — the reopening of summer camps and the rebuilding of...
Cantor Nancy Ginsberg

Parshat Chukat: Moses’ big mistake

By Cantor Nancy Ginsberg Parshat Chukat has one of the most perplexing, even disturbing, passages in the Torah. Moses the faithful shepherd, who has led...
Dan Schnur

Opinion | What Bennett can learn from Biden, and vice versa

By Dan Schnur As Israelis take their first tentative and raucous steps into a post-Netanyahu era, the most frequently asked question is how long a...

Letters to the editor: June 18

The real situation at colleges It’s past time to quash the Big Lie. And it’s also time to squash the littler lies and stereotypes that...

Benjamin Netanyahu

After his historic 12 years as Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu’s legacy begins with two words: It’s complicated. But whatever your view of the...

Moral certainty and ‘truth’

It is disturbing that today’s public disagreement has moved from engagement, debate and reasoned argument, to more confrontational, accusatory and finger-pointing expressions of anger,...
Jessica Kirzane

Opinion | Here’s what Yiddish writers can teach us about Tulsa and beyond

By Jessica Kirzane My grandpa once told me a story about when my great-grandparents were on a steamship emigrating from Ukraine to Cuba in the...
Rabbi Jennifer Weiner

Parshat Korach: Arguing for the sake of heaven

By Rabbi Jennifer Weiner In our weekly Torah portion, Korach leads a band of rebels. Korach no longer wishes to follow Moses’ leadership. Instead, Korach...

Letters to the editor: June 11

Hamas aggression v. Israel’s self-defense Thank you for Ben Sales’ article (“All about the Iron Dome,” May 21) in which the writer claims first, that...

Partners in the battle against antisemitism

The announcement last week that Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) is leading a group of Jewish and Black senators in establishing a coalition to fight...