New partners in NATO

For decades, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) seemed like a relic of the Cold War era. Created in 1949 by the United States,...

The Squad unveiled

It is not unusual for bystanders to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict to make pronouncements that are more focused on “scoring points” than on bringing Israelis...

Letters to the editor: May 27

More Torah-based opinions Regarding Rabbi Yaakov Menken’s opinion article, I feel compelled to congratulate him for presenting a clear and unabashed Torah perspective on the...
Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz

Opinion | We must speak out to overcome antisemitism

By Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz We all know that antisemitism is on the rise in this country. Arizona Sen. Wendy Rogers, for example, routinely spreads antisemitic statements,...
David Suissa

Opinion | The five miracles of Israel

By David Suissa One of the problems with the need to always defend yourself is that you can lose sight of the big picture. In...
Rabbi Jeremy Markiz

Parshat Behar: The sin of verbal mistreatment

In Parshat Behar, among the rules of the shmita and jubilee years, we read a seemingly simple injunction: “Do not wrong one another, but...
Fred Pincus

Opinion | Where do Jews fit into critical race theory?

By Fred L. Pincus In the midst of the continuing national controversy, Jews have debated whether or not critical race theory is “good for the...
Del. Sandy Rosenberg

Opinion | Moving toward Pimlico’s finish line

By Del. Sandy Rosenberg I watched my first Preakness from the attic window of the house on the corner of Rogers and Merville avenues. That’s where...
Rabbi Susan Grossman

Opinion | Torah prioritizes the mother’s life and health

By Rabbi Susan Grossman Years ago, something went wrong late in a friend’s much-wanted pregnancy. If the fetus continued to grow, it could kill her...

Letters to the editor: May 20

Not in line with Jewish ideas In a piece in last week’s JT, Yaakov Menken cherrypicks — deforms, actually — Jewish texts to place them...