Dean Malissa as George Washington

Dean Malissa wanted to be an actor. He ended up as George Washington

By Jarrad Saffren George Washington’s legacy is quite literally the United States of America. So when Daniel Shippey became the nation’s foremost Washington impersonator at Mount...
Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart says he was joking when he called ‘Harry Potter’ goblins antisemitic

Jon Stewart thinks we all missed the joke. Following a recent podcast in which he suggested that goblin characters in the “Harry Potter” series resembled antisemitic...
Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart says the ‘Harry Potter’ goblin characters are antisemitic

In recent years, some “Harry Potter” fans have reconsidered their love for the series in light of the controversy surrounding its author J.K. Rowling,...
Bob Einstein

HBO documentary profiles the late ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ actor Bob Einstein

By Andrew Lapin Bob Einstein, the cult-favorite Jewish comedian best known for playing Marty Funkhouser on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and the popular “Super Dave Osborne”...
Uwe Mader with the Torah scroll fragments

Sections of lost Torah scroll reappear 83 years after Kristallnacht

By Toby Axelrod A German Protestant minister has handed over segments of a long lost Torah scroll to the city of Görlitz in southeast Germany,...
Etta Cone

BMA exhibit highlights contributions of Jewish art collector

The Cone sisters — Etta and Claribel — were instrumental in starting the Baltimore Museum of Art’s massive Henri Matisse collection, which has more...
“Are You Jewish" art piece

Jewish Museum exhibit examines how barriers can protect and exclude

Who feels safe anymore? Can you “circle the wagons,” while keeping open arms? And how has Judaism’s call to “build a fence around the...
Scene from “The Club”

Netflix’s ‘The Club’ is good, not great

By Jarrad Saffren I have two categories into which I put quality shows. Shows I can’t wait to watch and shows that, as I’m watching them,...
Pages from “The Last Jews of Penang”

New graphic novel tells the story of Malaysia’s lost Jewish community

By Jordyn Haime Scholars do not know exactly when Jews first came to Penang, one of the smaller states in Malaysia, located on the Southeast...
Some of Nehemiah Persoff's roles

Character actor Nehemiah Persoff looks back at 102 years

By Tom Tugend When actor, painter and writer Nehemiah Persoff, at times dubbed “the last survivor of Hollywood’s golden age,” was a 3 year old...