Baltimore firm is architect of Jewish memorial center

By Alex Krutchik Levin/Brown & Associates of Baltimore is the architect of a new memorial center and chapel at the Garden of Remembrance Memorial Park. Located...

Arts & Life

Johanna Gruenhut melds Judaism and theater

Johanna Gruenhut’s Jewish identity has always been tightly interwoven with her art. Even when she’s not directing a Jewish play, “Fingerprints of Judaism kind of...
Shani Shefler and her husband

You Should Know … Shani Shefler

Ten years ago, Shani Shefler served as a Bat Sherut in the Jewish community of Montreal. The Sherut Leumi program is a program for...
“Tunnels” by Rutu Modan

Book review: ‘Tunnels’ digs for complicated truth

By Sasha Rogelberg “Tunnels” Rutu Modan Drawn & Quarterly In graphic novelist Rutu Modan’s most recent work “Tunnels,” published on Nov. 2 by Drawn & Quarterly, archaeologist Nili...


Rabbi James R. Michaels

Parshat Yitro: What did we hear at Sinai?

By Rabbi James R. Michaels Yitro contains the dramatic description of the revelation of the Torah at Mount Sinai. The words used to describe the...
Dan Schnur

Opinion | Schools must coexist with COVID

By Dan Schnur I am tired of COVID-19. I know you are too. But here we are, dealing with a fourth wave of coronavirus. At least...

Challenges to Israel’s government of change

Israel’s government of change is navigating a serious challenge to its fragile coalition. Since the state’s founding, Israel has tried to settle its nomadic...

Nation and World

Tamar Schwarzbard

This young US immigrant in Jerusalem is telling Israel’s story to the world

By Renee Ghert-Zand Tamar Schwarzbard is grateful for getting to tell Israel’s story to the world every day—not through lectures or opinion columns, but via...
Congregation Beth Israel livestream

Texas hostage crisis was a watershed moment in the livestreaming of American synagogues

By Shira Hanau and Philissa Cramer For most of the Shabbat services streamed from Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, Texas, over the course of the...
A Police vehicle sits outside of the Congregation Beth Israel Synagogue in Colleyville, Texas

‘We were terrified’: Texas rabbi says he threw a chair at synagogue gunman to...

Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker has publicly described for the first time the moment he and two other hostages escaped a gunman in his synagogue in...

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Food & Dining

br-oasted chicken

Br-oasted chicken

By Keri White There’s nothing like a roast chicken. It’s comfort food, it’s elegant, it’s hearty but not heavy and it provides far beyond one...
grain bowl

Do-it-yourself grain bowls

By Linda Morel Grain bowls are the rage in restaurant dining. They are served anywhere from salad bars and cafes to fine restaurants. But because they...
Fassoulia with ground beef

Fassoulia with ground beef: A taste of the Middle East

By Jessica Grann I am always looking for simple weekday meals that are nourishing and don’t take a lot of time to cook or to...

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Inspiring Home Kitchen Design

Home is where everything is. Our homes are no longer places where we keep our possessions and sleep at night. Today, home is an...