Jewish winemakers share importance of legacy and labor

By Rudy Malcom Growing up, Rachel Lipman thought you needed white hair and a mustache to be a winemaker. Today, the 29 year old is...

Arts & Life

Ben Foster plays Harry Haft in “The Survivor"

HBO’s ‘The Survivor’ asks a profound question

By Jarrad Saffren How powerful is a reason to live? That is the question that animates Jewish director Barry Levinson’s new movie, “The Survivor,” released...
Nancy Kutler

Nancy Kutler leads the Jewish museum board of trustees

Update 5/17/22: The article's headline has been updated to better reflect the content of the story. While the pandemic ground entire industries to a standstill...
Ralph Imani

You Should Know … Ralph Imani

Ralph Imani, 26, works to provide low-income housing as a real estate investor. Imani’s parents immigrated to Baltimore and New York from Iran in the...

You Should Know

You Should Know … Ralph Imani

Ralph Imani, 26, works to provide low-income housing as a real estate investor. Imani’s parents immigrated to Baltimore and New York from Iran in the...


Fred Pincus

Opinion | Where do Jews fit into critical race theory?

By Fred L. Pincus In the midst of the continuing national controversy, Jews have debated whether or not critical race theory is “good for the...
Del. Sandy Rosenberg

Opinion | Moving toward Pimlico’s finish line

By Del. Sandy Rosenberg I watched my first Preakness from the attic window of the house on the corner of Rogers and Merville avenues. That’s where...
Rabbi Susan Grossman

Opinion | Torah prioritizes the mother’s life and health

By Rabbi Susan Grossman Years ago, something went wrong late in a friend’s much-wanted pregnancy. If the fetus continued to grow, it could kill her...

Nation and World

pro-abortion rights protesters

More than 1,000 Jews rally outside the US Capitol in support of abortion rights

By Julia Gergely WASHINGTON (JTA) — As it was originally conceived over the last year, the Jewish Rally for Abortion Justice was meant to be...
A haredi Orthodox man fights back against an attacker

World Briefs: Belgian Orthodox Jew overpowers attacker and more

In Antwerp, Haredi Orthodox Jew overpowers, tackles attacker It began like countless other antisemitic incidents in Antwerp: A man shouted insults and made threatening gestures...

Lufthansa apologizes for expelling ‘large group’ of Chasidic Jews from flight to Hungary

By Jacob Henry Lufthansa apologized for kicking identifiably Jewish people off a flight from New York City to Budapest last week after some Chasidic individuals...

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Food & Dining

Eggplant Parmesan

Something old, something new

By Keri White When I was rambling through the produce section of my local grocery store, eggplant called my name. Given the topsy-turvy weather of late,...
quinoa salad

Quinoa salad: A tasty summer side dish

By Jessica Grann My quinoa salad recipe makes a fantastic gluten-free side dish. It has the bright flavors of lemony Israeli salad mixed with al...
Tuna cakes

Tuna cakes: A kosher alternative to crabcakes

By Keri White These are similar to crabcakes without breaking kashrut. They are simple to make and, while you might not want to use expensive,...

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Inspiring Home Kitchen Design

Home is where everything is. Our homes are no longer places where we keep our possessions and sleep at night. Today, home is an...

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