Rabbi Nora Feinstein

Parshat Terumah: Offering Our Unique Gifts

By Rabbi Nora Feinstein I remember the excitement I felt when I finally learned the name of the Torah portion for my bat mitzvah: Terumah. Through...

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Karson Kamenetz

You Should Know … Karson Kamenetz

Karson Kamenetz, 22, is proving that young people can make a difference. In 2022, Kamenetz ran for and won a seat on the Baltimore County...

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Revolutionizing Healthcare in Israel, One Oleh At a Time

As we move further into 2024, the shadows of war still loom large in our collective consciousness, serving as a powerful reminder of the...

Nefesh B’Nefesh Closes 2023 with 720 North American Olim Amidst Iron Swords War

The last week of 2023 alone brought 200 new Olim, with nearly 4,200 requests to open Aliyah files in the last quarter, an increase of...

“Jews worldwide haven’t been this fearful in living memory”

Two decades ago, the former British Chief Rabbi, Lord Jonathan Sacks, astutely likened antisemitism to a constantly evolving virus. One that, in the modern...