Kappa Guild is built on lasting friendships

While social distancing has tested many relationships, the members of Kappa Guild have had many occasions to build and maintain their friendships while staying...

Arts & Life

Rabbi Dana Saroken

Rabbi Dana Saroken was called to a job in Judaism

When she started college, Rabbi Dana Saroken thought she would be a doctor. However, as she navigated through college and beyond, she found out...
Jasmine Kerbel

You Should Know … Jasmine Kerbel

Jasmine Kerbel, 23, transformed her passion for photography into a career. A photographer based in Baltimore, Kerbel works on weddings, fashion photography and other...
Simone Biles

Meet the Jewish dancer choreographing Simone Biles’ Olympic floor routine

By Evelyn Frick There are quite a few athletes who have been called the G.O.A.T., or greatest of all time: quarterback Tom Brady, basketball player...


Parshat Eikev: Work-Torah balance

By Bill Dauster The Cambridge Dictionary defines “work-life balance” as “the amount of time you spend doing your job compared with the amount of time...
Matthew Weinstein

Opinion | Ben & Jerry’s is right: Settlements on Palestinian land aren’t Israel

By Matthew Weinstein Here in Tel Aviv, the announcement by Ben & Jerry’s that they are planning to end sales of their products in West...

Beinart is wrong, again

We’ve had enough of Peter Beinart. There was a time where the contrarian views of the left-wing Jewish public intellectual were thought provoking. Beinart was...

Nation and World

Israeli restaurants are changing their kosher certifications

By Linda Gradstein The Eucalyptus, a restaurant just outside the Old City in Jerusalem, draws in diners by offering “authentic biblical cuisine” — made from...
Ben & Jerry's logo

How US laws against Israel boycotts could hit Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s decision this week to pull out of an agreement that allowed its Israeli franchisee to sell its product in what the...
Ben & Jerry's co-founders

How the Jewish world is responding to Ben & Jerry’s decision to exit Israeli...

By JTA Staff Kosher supermarkets are rethinking their inventory. Politicians are emptying their freezers. And the foreign minister of Israel is vowing to get involved...

Food & Dining

Health salad

Why Russian Jews are obsessed with this salad

By Sonya Sanford Health salads — sweet and tangy slaw-like, cabbage-based salads that often include carrots, bell peppers and cucumbers — are a fixture of...

A Japanese feast in time for the Olympics

By Linda Morel I can’t wait for the Olympics. If your family is like mine, we are glued to the TV, watching each day’s events. I...
fish kabobs

Recipes to keep the weight off

By Linda Morel If you’re like me, you saw bathing suit season coming and you went on a diet. You’ve lost some weight. Maybe you’ve...

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Inspiring Home Kitchen Design

Home is where everything is. Our homes are no longer places where we keep our possessions and sleep at night. Today, home is an...