Arts & Life

Gigi McKendrick

Gigi McKendric, artist and child of the Holocaust, on a lifetime of creation

"You can call them ‘Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,’” said artist Gigi McKendric, standing among several sculptures that ranged from completed faces and abstract figures...
Matzah Craze

In newest Passover children’s books, a lion reads the Haggadah and a Depression-era mitzvah

By Penny Schwartz On the eve of Passover during the Depression, a juggler in ragged clothes is invited into the home of a poor family...
Shtisel cast

‘Shtisel’ Season 3 Netflix release date announced

Season 3 of the hit haredi Orthodox drama series “Shtisel” will debut on Netflix on March 25, Israel’s Yes Studios announced Tuesday. The first two...


Jillian Axelrod

Opinion | I can’t fast for Jewish holidays without being reminded of diet culture

By Jillian Axelrod At 10 years old, I decided it was time for me to start fasting on Yom Kippur. While most people don’t start...
Hailey Cohen

Parshat Ki Tisa: What the census teaches us

By Hailey Cohen My Torah portion is about the census of the Jewish people. Instead of doing the census the way we do it today,...

The Senate’s power brokers

November’s election brought the government under the full control of the Democrats, but not by much. Because of the 50-50 split, any Senate Democrat...

Nation and World

Israeli flag

Israeli Supreme Court rules state must grant citizenship to non-Orthodox Jewish converts in Israel

Israel must grant citizenship to Jews who converted to Judaism in Israel under non-Orthodox auspices, its Supreme Court ruled Monday, possibly igniting another round...
George Shultz

In extraordinary tribute, George Shultz hailed by Jewish leaders for helping free Soviet Jews

By Larry Luxner On Feb. 11, 1986, Soviet refusenik Natan Sharansky — freed after enduring nine years in Russian prisons on false charges of treason...
Nefesh B'Nefesh co-working space

How to move to Israel while working remotely for a US employer

By Renee Ghert-Zand It turns out the coronavirus pandemic has had an unexpected silver lining for Americans contemplating making aliyah: the normalization of working remotely. To...

Food & Dining

baklava cheesecake

With fusion Emirati-Jewish dishes, a kosher chef blossoms in Dubai

By Asma Ali Zain Last year, Israel and the United Arab Emirates signed a treaty establishing diplomatic relations. But for more than a year earlier,...
cheesy pull-apart challah

How to make an easy and cheesy pull-apart challah with pizza dip

By Shannon Sarna You love challah. You love pizza. It might be time to combine these two cherished carbs together in one pan. If you...
Persian-inspired rice

Persian-inspired festive rice for Purim

By Ilana Meiller Purim and my birthday fall on the same week this year, and I’ll be celebrating these two occasions with a special Seudah...

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There’s No Place Like MB HomeCare

Meet the “B” Behind this Local Home Care Service. Dorothy may have said it first, but no one says “there’s no place like home” with...