What does ‘dangerous for Israel’ and the Jews mean to Biden?

Voices | Why Trump’s not getting this Orthodox vote

By Rabbi Joshua Runyan As Napoleon Bonaparte’s Grande Armée engaged in battle against Russia in the campaign that would ultimately prove to be his downfall,...
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Voices | Abraham Accord will open doors

By Rabbi Yehuda Sarna Today was not just the eve of the Jewish New Year, but the dawn of a new era for the entire...

Voices | The work of translating Yiddish

By Oliver “Ollie” Elkus Now more than ever, we are digging letters out of the attic, both literal and figurative ones. Isolation is forced reflection, so...
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Voices | Ensnared by two evils

By Felicia Graber My life began in Poland during the Holocaust. Born in March 1940, six months after the German invasion, I lived “hidden on...

Voices | Here’s why I’m taking part in a coronavirus vaccine trial

By Janice Silbermann Recently I had the opportunity to take part in a vaccine trial for the COVID-19 virus, and ever since, I have been...
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Voices | Fulfilling new needs

By Lisa Handelman Jewish tradition strongly focuses on the importance of community, on our obligation to provide food, shelter, clothing and medical care to those...

Voices | Here’s why I’m one of the many Orthodox Jews who support President...

By Binyamin Rose | JTA Only 6% of voters who cast ballots for Barack Obama in 2008 voted for Donald Trump in 2016. I’m one...
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Voices | The face mask tells a story about respect as much as health

By Del. Jon S. Cardin Nowadays, just walking down the street, I get hypersensitive as to how others act, react and interact. During this unprecedented and...
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Voices | What I Wish They Taught Us in Hebrew School

By Samantha Tener | JTA I received what I believe to be an average Jewish American Conservative synagogue education. I attended Jewish preschool, the full...
Maryam AlZaabi is a 19-year-old student at Sorbonne University in Abu Dhabi, majoring in History and International Relations in French.

Voices | Israel-UAE Peace: A Dream Come True

I was never very much into politics, though I’m more informed on it now than I once was. I’m rather more passionate about culture...