Ariel Kahana

Opinion | Term limits won’t help with stability

By Ariel Kahana What do Franklin D. Roosevelt, Charles de Gaulle, Tony Blair and Angela Merkel have in common? They’re all leaders who have gone...
Asher Lovy

Opinion | Orthodox reaction to Chaim Walder allegations must become the norm

By Asher Lovy Allegations of child sexual abuse against Chaim Walder, the author of children’s books beloved in the haredi Orthodox market, and the uncharacteristically...
Deborah Y. Cohn

Opinion | What my research reveals about gift giving

By Deborah Y. Cohn Since my daughters were little, the family Chanukah ritual has been for each to unwrap one gift each night of the...
Rabbi Charles Arian

Opinion | Why would he go for a run on Yom Kippur?

By Rabbi Charles Arian The late Rabbi Richard Israel once published an essay that he later expanded into a book called “The Kosher Pig.” In...
Boy putting on tefillin surrounded by antisemitic comments

Opinion | My son wasn’t surprised when antisemites attacked him on TikTok

By Jessica Russak-Hoffman “Why does everybody hate us?” My son Izzy asked me this question after a man with a machete attacked Jews at a...
Dr. Sol Lizerbram

Opinion | Little Israel solves big environmental challenges

By Dr. Sol Lizerbram People often ask me how Israel copes with climate change. Yet Israelis don’t look to cope; they look to solve. When...
Copenhagen, Denmark

Opinion | How moving to Denmark strengthened my Jewish identity

Growing up, one of my favorite books was “Number the Stars,” Lois Lowry’s middle-grade novel about Denmark’s effort to smuggle its Jewish citizens to...
Michelle Talsma Everson

Opinion | Celebrating the light of my first Chanukah

By Michelle Talsma Everson A few weeks ago, a package arrived from my aunt. I opened it to find presents wrapped in light blue wrapping...
Israeli women from the Ethiopian Jewish community

Opinion | Sigd is a declaration that Israel sees Ethiopian Jews

By Shula Mola I have rarely missed the annual Sigd event in Jerusalem. When I lived in Ethiopia, the annual holiday was a fixture of...
Alyssa Weiner

Opinion | There was an antisemitic incident on my campus, and it’s not OK

By Alyssa Weiner Recently, the brothers of the Alpha-Pi chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) at George Washington University found their fraternity house vandalized and...