David Suissa

Opinion | The five miracles of Israel

By David Suissa One of the problems with the need to always defend yourself is that you can lose sight of the big picture. In...
Fred Pincus

Opinion | Where do Jews fit into critical race theory?

By Fred L. Pincus In the midst of the continuing national controversy, Jews have debated whether or not critical race theory is “good for the...
Del. Sandy Rosenberg

Opinion | Moving toward Pimlico’s finish line

By Del. Sandy Rosenberg I watched my first Preakness from the attic window of the house on the corner of Rogers and Merville avenues. That’s where...
Rabbi Susan Grossman

Opinion | Torah prioritizes the mother’s life and health

By Rabbi Susan Grossman Years ago, something went wrong late in a friend’s much-wanted pregnancy. If the fetus continued to grow, it could kill her...
Paula Goldstein

Opinion | Emotional health an issue for everyone

By Paula Goldstein When COVID hit in 2020, the collective trauma over this mysterious illness led to a rise in what was already a serious...
Dan Schueftan

Opinion | It’s time to turn the Palestinian mindset against terrorism

By Dan Schueftan Palestinian terrorism, both among Israeli Arabs and from the West Bank Palestinians, derives to a large extent from the erosion of deterrence...
Rabbi Yaakov Menken

Opinion | The Torah is unequivocally pro-life

By Rabbi Yaakov Menken A great deal of misinformation has been shared regarding abortion, much of it coming, of course, in the wake of a...
Barbara Goldberg Goldman

Opinion | The future is our past unless we act now

By Barbara Goldberg Goldman In January 1973, Carly Simon, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Roberta Flack and the O’Jays earned their first Billboard number-one songs. We...
Jerold S. Auerbach

Opinion | Whose Temple Mount?

By Jerold S. Auerbach The recent eruption of Arab violence on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City was hardly a random choice. The holiest...
Ruthie Blum

Opinion | The here and now of Holocaust remembrance

By Ruthie Blum It is of tragic relevance that anti-Jewish Arab riots, rocket fire and hate-filled solidarity protests around the world upstaged the lead-up to...