Food Feature

Break-fast dishes: light, simple, tasty

By Keri White One of the challenges of the break-fast meal for the cook is the prep. The ideal menu is one that can be...

Cold-poached salmon with Dijon mustard sauce

By Linda Morel Rosh Hashanah is catching many people by surprise this year. Falling on the heels of Labor Day weekend, the Jewish New Year begins...
Middle Eastern quinoa

Middle Eastern quinoa with chickpeas, apples and cranberries

By Ilana Meiller As a new year brings us opportunities for self-improvement, the holiday of Rosh Hashanah propels me to renew some of my cherished...
Tomato soup

Chilled (or not) fresh tomato soup

By Ronnie Fein You hear it every year: The High Holidays are either early or late, never on time. This year is an early one —...
Salad with schmaltz dressing

Schmaltz is the secret ingredient you need for your salad

By Stephanie Ganz If you, like me, are a regular chicken roaster, you’re halfway to one of the best salad dressings out there: schmaltz vinaigrette,...
grilled corn

Make the most of August produce

By Linda Morel I love late August. Farmers markets and backyard gardens are jumping, offering the summer’s best yield. Think of crisp string beans, firm cucumbers,...
Health salad

Why Russian Jews are obsessed with this salad

By Sonya Sanford Health salads — sweet and tangy slaw-like, cabbage-based salads that often include carrots, bell peppers and cucumbers — are a fixture of...

A Japanese feast in time for the Olympics

By Linda Morel I can’t wait for the Olympics. If your family is like mine, we are glued to the TV, watching each day’s events. I...
fish kabobs

Recipes to keep the weight off

By Linda Morel If you’re like me, you saw bathing suit season coming and you went on a diet. You’ve lost some weight. Maybe you’ve...
ingredients for orzo salad

Picnic perfect Mediterranean orzo salad

By Jessica Grann This orzo salad is my go-to summer picnic salad because it’s so full of flavor, yet very light. I love the mix...