Food Feature

Meat pie

French Canadian meat pie warms the soul

By Jessica Grann My mother has made this recipe for as far back as I can remember, and it’s just as comforting to me now...

Cassola for Chanukah

By Jessica Grann Cassola are ricotta cheese pancakes traditionally made by Sephardic Jews. Many consider these wonderful treats to be the original latke. Eating cassola...
Churros with dipping sauces

Gluten-free churros for Chanukah

By Tannaz Sassooni It started with a question for Jonathan Gold. Chanukah 2011 was nearing, and a friend sent a query to Ask Mr. Gold,...

Andrew Zimmern’s perfect potato latkes recipe

By Andrew Zimmern These potato latkes are so good that posting the recipe alone is a mitzvah of the highest order. The Festival of Lights...
Sufganiyot, or jelly doughnuts

The easiest jelly doughnut recipe ever

By Shannon Sarna Latkes are far more popular during Chanukah than doughnuts here in the U.S. While you can find latkes in the freezer section...

The many lives of a sufganiyah: Celebrating doughnut diversity for Chanukah

By Sasha Rogelberg “Gefüllte krapfen” isn’t exactly a German phrase that whets one’s appetite. In fact, the Hebrew “sufganiyot” rolls off the tongue much more smoothly....
Vegan latkes

Baked sweet potato and spinach latkes with vegan sour cream

By Ilana Meiller After having rejected latkes in the past few years, I am determined to accept them back with open arms this Chanukah. No,...
farfalle pasta with greens and chickpeas

Escarole and chickpeas: Greens and beans

By Jessica Grann Greens and beans is a classic Italian dish that is quick to make and full of vitamins and protein. Escarole, which tastes...

Southern fried chicken

By Keri White I had a hankering for fried chicken last week. This happens about once a year. The chicken is delicious but — like all...
Soy-lime braised chicken

Soy-lime braised chicken

By Keri White A friend texted me a link to a recipe recently with the message “make this.” I love my friends. The link took me...