Food Feature

gefilte fish

The secret not-so-Jewish history of gefilte fish

By Rachel Ringler Some see gefilte fish as a delicacy, others as something too disgusting to contemplate. Either way, it would probably appear on most people’s short...
immersion blender

Immersion blender — Can’t live without it

By Linda Morel My husband introduced me to a new love — an immersion blender. I wasn’t in favor of adding another appliance to our small...
vegan zucchini rolls

Paula Shoyer updates Jewish cuisine for Instant Pot cooking

By Eric Schucht Quick and simple. That’s what Paula Shoyer likes about the Instant Pot. Instead of using a pot for her spaghetti, another pot...

Delicious dinners without the chametz

By Keri White Passover lasts for eight days. Most people only do one, or maybe two seders, but if you strictly observe the holiday, that...

Festival of freedom: Families from around the country share what traditions make their Passovers...

Celebrated at home, Passover, perhaps more than any other Jewish holiday, provides space for families to create their own customs and rituals. A Moroccan family...

Egg-free potato, mushroom and carrot kugel to try this Pesach

By Ilana Meiller The classic potato kugel is a staple dish on Shabbat and holidays. During Pesach, potato kugel makes a delicious and comforting addition...
Soup from The Classic Catering People

Catered cuisine for a pandemic Passover

Passover is just around the corner, but with the pandemic still raging, an in-person get-together to share in mom’s famous brisket or matzah ball...
four glass of wine

4 cups of wine, lots of choices

By Elyse Genderson Each Passover, the list of fine kosher wine seems to get longer. The customary four cups of wine during the seder allows...
Jeweled quinoa

Jeweled quinoa, from a mother-daughter cooking duo

By Eric Schucht “Because I Said So” is a weekly instructional cooking show by Leah Packer and her mother Rachel Ornstein-Packer. After the pandemic began, the...

Rapturous roast chicken

By Keri White A roast chicken is a quintessential holiday meal. But just because it is traditional and typical does not mean that it isn’t...