Older, better, not faster, yet smarter

By Bob Roth After dining at a restaurant recently, I was nearly giddy with excitement. I called my dad, immediately sharing my enthusiasm for the...

At 95, this Jewish singer is getting recognized

By Victor Wishna | JTA Madeline Millman was just 17 when she took center stage at the Adams Theatre in downtown Newark, N.J., stepping into...
Sabina Katz in 1945

Surviving the Holocaust through a child’s eyes

When she was a child, Sabina Katz was in one of the last groups of children to safely leave Danzig, Germany, on a Kindertransport...
Dean Malissa as George Washington

Dean Malissa wanted to be an actor. He ended up as George Washington

By Jarrad Saffren George Washington’s legacy is quite literally the United States of America. So when Daniel Shippey became the nation’s foremost Washington impersonator at Mount...
Some of Nehemiah Persoff's roles

Character actor Nehemiah Persoff looks back at 102 years

By Tom Tugend When actor, painter and writer Nehemiah Persoff, at times dubbed “the last survivor of Hollywood’s golden age,” was a 3 year old...
Samuel Ansel surrounded by family

100-year-old WWII veteran reflects on his life

Just before 8 a.m. on Dec. 7, 1941, hundreds of Japanese fighter planes descended on a U.S. naval base near Honolulu, destroying or damaging...
hand handing a heart to another hand

Legacy giving ensures support for years to come

What kind of world do you want to leave for your children, and your children’s children? That is a question often asked by potential donors...
hands holding each other

What the pandemic can teach us about loneliness

By Bob Roth During the pandemic, we have collectively increased awareness of what the experts in their fields had on their radar all along. The...
From left: Kappa Guild members Wilma Samuelson, Sheila Mentz and Miriam Stern

Kappa Guild is built on lasting friendships

While social distancing has tested many relationships, the members of Kappa Guild have had many occasions to build and maintain their friendships while staying...
Neal Bendesky running

‘Never too late’: Athlete promoter goes on weight-loss journey

By Shannon Levitt By the time Neal Bendesky had his bar mitzvah, he knew that as much as he loved sports, he was better suited...