The Israel-Hamas War: Who’s the Victim and Who’s the Perp?

Bill Fox
Bill Fox (Courtesy of Bill Fox)

By Bill Fox

Instead of blaming Israel, the world should be placing the blame where it belongs — first, on Hamas. Why doesn’t it? They created this situation, they’re the ones that butchered 1,200 Israelis (and I might add not just Jewish ones), they’re the ones who unjustifiably and viciously kidnapped 250 innocent people (including Americans), many of whom they’ve killed and tortured and continue to do so, and they’re the ones who continue to hold 130 hostages, many of whom are already dead. Most importantly at this stage of the game, they’re the ones who publicly state and maintain that they will do it again and again the instant they have the chance.

Notwithstanding some of his recent statements, Bibi has said many times that if there is to be a two-state solution it can only happen based on terms and conditioned negotiated by and between the parties. However, tellingly it is Hamas who does not want a two-state solution and it is they who’ve publicly stated on numerous occasions that they want all the land (“from the river to the sea”) and all the Jews (and by the way that includes me), particularly Israeli Jews, dead.

A government’s first and most important responsibility is to protect its citizens, and that’s what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government are attempting to do. Israel must not and will not ever again allow itself to be in the vulnerable position it was in on Oct. 7. Under the reality of what took place that day, if I were Netanyahu, I would be doing exactly what he’s trying to do, i.e. eliminate Hamas as a threat to his people, world opinion be damned. And I dare say most of you would, too. For those of you who wouldn’t, just what would you be doing?

Secondary blame goes to Egypt for not allowing any Palestinians to cross their border. Where is the world’s castigation of Egypt for not addressing the humanitarian crisis of their Palestinian brothers and sisters? Where’s the pressure on Egypt? And tertiary blame goes to the rest of the Arab world for the same reason. Finally, where is the Western world’s anger and indignation at Hamas and Egypt? Why do they not put pressure on Hamas and Egypt to resolve the humanitarian “crisis” of the Gazans?

Here are my answers to questions I’ve posed. It’s all caught up in the inherent antisemitism of “blame the Jews.” Since our Creator whispered in Abraham’s ear to follow him and bring the concept of ethical monotheism to the world, Jewish blood has always been very cheap. And that’s the sad story of today, the spilling of cheap Jewish blood while much of the world tries to make the victim, the perp.

Today, however, Jews no longer go meekly to their slaughter. Of necessity, militarily Israel has become one of the most powerful countries in the world. Jews today have the means and the will to defend themselves no matter what it takes. Remember, the operative word is “defend;” indeed, Israel’s army, navy and air force collectively are called the IDF — the Israel Defense Forces. Israel doesn’t use its power to attack others, it uses it only for its own defense and the defense of all Jews.

So who’s the victim and who’s the perp? I’ll leave it to each of you to answer for yourselves. From my vantage point, the moral compass of the world is totally skewed and I hope and pray that sooner rather than later the world wakes up to who really are the bad guys and who really are the good guys in this conflict before it’s too late.

Bill Fox is a member of the national board of directors of Development Corporation for Israel/Israel Bonds.

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