A wedding gift guide for 2021

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The rise in vaccination rates means your social calendars could once again be filled with invitations to watch couples tie the knot. But besides your winning personality, what should you bring to the nuptials as a gift?

For those looking to get away from the wedding gift registry, or for those couples that don’t have one, the JT has assembled this handy list of suggestions.

Wine glasses

A year after their wedding, when a new couple is toasting their anniversary, they’ll need something nicer than plastic cups. And with one or two pairs of elegant wine glasses, they’ll have you to thank for it. Find a 12-piece set at theknot.com for $69.99.

Bottle of wine

Of course, a pair of wine glasses will go to waste if the couple has nothing in the fridge other than Coke, Pepsi or a can of Mountain Dew. Consider sending them a bottle of kosher wine to save for their first anniversary. Find a 2016 Flam Winery Classico Bordeaux Blend at winehouse.com for $32.99.


To make their lives a little easier, a Roomba Robot Vacuum may be perfect to take over some of the grind of daily chores. Find one on theknot.com for $350.

Shabbat essentials

You might consider a few different items the couple can use on Shabbat, such as a pair of candleholders or a kiddush cup. Get a pair of Hand Carved Bethlehem Olive Wood Candlestick Holders on amazon.com for $27.98, or a Silver Plated Kiddush Cup on amazon.com for $23.25.


If the new couple has a sizable backyard, and a predilection to veg out, a colorful hammock could be the perfect item for them to lounge about in the shade of a warm summer’s evening. Get a cotton, multicolor hammock on etsy.com for $125.

Throw blanket

When hammock-appropriate weather is over for the year, the newlyweds may be glad for your gift of a cozy throw blanket to snuggle up together underneath while in the living room. Order a Rainbow and Raindrops Knit Throw Blanket on etsy.com for $118.

Kitchen essentials

If the couple includes one or two aspiring chefs, they may thank you for a few items to complete their collection of cookware. This could include separate cutting boards for the preparation of meat, dairy and pareve food items, a Dutch oven for cooking brisket or a crockpot for making cholent. And if their spice rack is a bit bare, you could save them a trip to Wegman’s by gifting them a set of spice containers that include paprika, oregano and rosemary. Find a Dutch oven on amazon.com for $69.90, a slow-cooker on amazon.com for $52.71 or a 12-jar set of spices at thespicehouse.com for $75.

Mortar and pestle set

For guacamole aficionados who happen to be do-it-yourselfers, a granite mortar and pestle set will allow them to make their own guac whenever cravings strike. Order one from theknot.com for $28.54.

Coffee and espresso maker

Even the cheeriest couples may need a little pick-me-up in the morning. A coffee and espresso maker will go a long way to preserving marital bliss in the early hours of the day. Find a 2-Cup Coffee & Espresso Maker with Milk Frother from theknot.com $549.

Potted house plant

If the couple’s home could use some sprucing up, perhaps a young house plant in a stylish, decorated pot might be the thing to bring some life into the interior. You could even include a note wishing that the couple’s love grows alongside their new flora. Find a White Geometric Air Plant Holder on etsy.com for $26.95.

Picnic basket set

For the couple who like roughing it without roughing it, you might try a picnic basket set they can take for a romantic date at a park or in the woods, complete with a plaid blanket, plates, silverware and, of course, the basket itself. Find a Pioneer 29-Piece Picnic Basket Set at saksfifthavenue.com for $175.95.

Outdoor fire pit

For the couple who love to spend a summer evening making s’mores, you might try an outdoor fire pit where they can roast marshmallows or just sit and watch as the flames dance before them. Order a 22” KINGSO Fire Pit from amazon.com for $70.


With travel becoming fashionable again and with honeymoons to go on, the couple will likely appreciate a new suitcases. Or get a matching pair, one for each of their dynamic duo. Or get a matching pair, one for each of their dynamic duo. Order a Capri 27” 4-Wheel Expandable Checked Suitcase from theknot.com for $395.

Airbnb gift card

Of course, on their journeys, a traveling couple will need a place to crash for an evening or two. With a gift card from Airbnb, you can personally sponsor their romantic escape from the doldrums of the workaday world. Order a $100 or $300 gift card from theknot.com.


What Jewish household would be complete without a mezuzah on the front door’s frame? Gift the couple with a small blessing they’ll see every time they return to the home they build together. Order an Acrylic Mezuzah from moderntribe.com for $85.

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