Final Account scene

Surviving former Nazis give their ‘Final Account’ in new documentary

By Andrew Lapin There is a remarkable scene toward the end of the new documentary “Final Account,” a collection of eyewitness testimonies of the Nazi...
bottle dancers

Bottle dancers bring the simcha

By Justin Regan Before going any further, Michael Pasternak would like to answer the most pressing question. “They are truly balancing bottles,” Pasternak said. “People think,...
Secrets of Happiness

Book review: ‘Secrets of Happiness’

Great premise falls short “Secrets of Happiness” Joan Silber Counterpoint The deception that sets up the story of “Secrets of Happiness” is revealed on page 10. The premise...
The Rabbi of Buchenwald

Book review: ‘The Rabbi of Buchenwald’

An American rabbi in Buchenwald By Bat-Ami Zucker 'The Rabbi of Buchenwald' By Rafael Medoff Yeshiva University Press; distributed by 502 pages $29.95 There is a remarkable scene, early in “The...

Intersectionality takes center state at Queer Jewish Arts Festival

By Justin Regan There’s a line from the Broadway musical “Billy Elliot” that describes dancing as losing yourself while being made whole. For Baltimore theater...
Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Book review: The justice who put the bad old days behind us

By Aaron Leibel “Justice, Justice You Shalt Pursue: A Life’s Work Fighting for a More Perfect Union” By Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Amanda L. Tyler University of...

These 14 Israeli artists will open up your heart and mind

New Israel Fund's "Essential Artists" tell untold stories, build bridges, and collaborate with activist movements for social change — all through a pandemic. By Libby Lenkinski Standing...
Philip Roth: The Biography cover art

Book review: The biographer in Philip Roth’s corner

‘Philip Roth: The Biography’ By Blake Bailey W.W. Norton & Co. Philip Roth was born March 19, 1933 in Newark, N.J., and, until his death in 2018,...
Alex Trebek

7 especially Jewish ‘Jeopardy!’ moments from Alex Trebek’s 36 years as host

By Philissa Cramer Alex Trebek, the beloved baritone host of “Jeopardy!,” died of pancreatic cancer at 80. In his 36 years as host of the immensely...

Sibling directors explore identity and faith in ‘Fishbowl’

“I remember thinking, ‘If you’re the most perfect person, but you choose the wrong religion, do you still get to go to heaven?’” said...