Letters to the editor: Jan. 28


Jan. 6 hypocrisy

In the Jan. 14 article, “In online event, lawmakers reflect on Jan. 6 riot,” anyone with an ounce of rational thought should see through the biased, hypocritical, politically fueled fake outrage by the Democrats (the only ones quoted in the article, by the way) in labeling the so-called “insurrection” of Jan. 6, 2021, as a serious threat against democracy while ignoring (and, in some cases, even condoning) the Black Lives Matter riots of late 2020, where thousands of armed rioters burned down and looted hundreds of businesses and buildings across many major U.S. cities, injuring hundreds and resulting in numerous deaths. In comparison, a few hundred unarmed protesters attempted to or actually broke into the Capitol to protest what they considered to be unfair elections. Not condoning the latter, but a threat to democracy? An insurrection? Not at all!

Sonny Taragin



Editor’s note: While reports indicate that those who rioted at the Capitol did not fire any guns, a number have been charged with bringing guns into the Capitol, and Capitol police have said that rioters were armed with other objects, such as baseball bats.

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