Letters to the Editor: Jan. 5


Ugly Polarization

Particularly with the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, current and past, one can observe widespread ideological/political partisanship via news and commentary (“American Jews Face Long-Term Threat With Emergence of Overt Antisemitism,” Dec. 22). There’s an ugly external politics of polarization, perhaps in part for its own sake.

Within social media, the polarized views are especially amplified, including, if not especially, those of non-Jews and non-Palestinians.

While the conflict can and does arouse a spectator sport effect or mentality, many contemptible news trolls residing outside the region actively decide which “side” they hate less thus “support” via politicized commentary posts. I anticipate many actually keep track of the bloody match by checking the day’s-end death-toll score, however lopsided the numbers.

Frank Sterle Jr. White Rock, B.C., Canada

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