Letters to the editor: May 6


Lifting Title 42

As a Democrat, I am not happy with President Joe Biden’s decision to lift Title 42 (“The battle over Title 42,” April 22). No plan, just let everyone in, which includes criminals, more fentanyl, gang members, people with COVID, etc., etc. As much as I disagreed with former President Donald Trump on most everything, I agreed with him on this issue.

Take your time, President Biden, and get this right.

Lana Fink



Kudos to Kappa Guild

The JT’s article on April 8 paid a well-earned tribute to Kappa Guild and its innovative and hard-working president Sheila Mentz (“Sheila Mentz cares for kids”). The Guild has helped thousands of children over the years by raising money both for purchasing hospital equipment for pediatric units as well as for contributing to research on childhood diseases. Camps for children with cancer, diabetes and autism are also their beneficiaries. The only item omitted was how people could contribute to this most worthwhile cause. To contribute, e-mail morahsheila@aol.com.

Ellen B. Miller


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