Children can now wear matzah-print pajamas to the seder.

Rabbi and mom develops Passover PJs

By Rachel Raskin-Zrihen Rabbi Yael Buechler is hoping that her latest effort will cause some people to add an unofficial fifth question at their Passover...
The cover of the 2022 Salina Bookshelf, Inc. calendar

Chag atis adeesdzá bééhániih sameach to one and all

By Rachel Raskin-Zrihen If you’d like to change up your Passover greeting this year, you could try it in Navajo. That would be atis adeesdzá...
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Is there herring in the Red Sea? My Passover tradition.

By Justin Regan Pesach, the festival of freedom (and bad macaroons), is a season of many traditions, like deep-cleaning your house, discovering quinoa and comparing...

The experience of Passover goes beyond flavor

By Leah Holzel The pungent kick of horseradish on a fresh crisp sheet of matzah. The tender mouthfeel of a feather-light kneidel, moist with savory...
Gefilte fish

Friends keep gefilte fish tradition alive

By Wendy S. Laskin Each year, just before Passover, my friends Betsy Hill, Beth Rosenberg and I make gefilte fish from scratch. Betsy is...
almond butter cookies

Almond butter chocolate chip cookies

By Shannon Sarna I love it when people taste my pareve desserts and say, “Wow — this is pareve!?” It’s the same rule with Passover dishes...
Stuffed cabbage

Passover stuffed cabbage rolls

Chanie Apfelbaum | The Nosher via JTA There’s nothing like Passover to remind us where we come from. In many Jewish homes, Passover traditions are...
A family celebrates the seder

What you (maybe) didn’t know about Passover

By My Jewish Learning Passover celebrates the ancient Exodus of the Israelites from bondage in Egypt. Here are some facts you might not have known...

Festival of freedom: Families from around the country share what traditions make their Passovers...

Celebrated at home, Passover, perhaps more than any other Jewish holiday, provides space for families to create their own customs and rituals. A Moroccan family...

These new Haggadah options will spice up your Passover seder

The pandemic has altered the experience of the Passover seder, but one thing hasn’t changed: It’s a golden age for creative Haggadahs. Here are...