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Jacob Troy
Jacob Troy (Courtesy of Jacob Troy)

Jacob Troy, 24, is proud to work for a passionate Jewish-owned company. At his workplace, Pimlico Capital, Troy participates in mincha services every day.

After graduating from Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School, Troy continued his education at University of Maryland, Baltimore County. In 2022, Troy received a degree in economics and political science from UMBC.

Troy currently works in sales and loan origination for Pimlico Capital, a private direct real estate lender in Pikesville. It is also a Jewish-owned and operated company.

He lives in Baltimore County with his dogs Chester and Oscar.

What do you do for work?

We operate and manage funds from various investors, some money we’ve made over the years, and lend it to investors that need capital to either flip or hold or invest in different real estate assets, mostly on the residential side.

What is the most fulfilling part of your job?

When we do a good transaction and we’re happy with what we’re giving. We’re happy with the return and our client is very happy. When they pay us off and call me, they say, “Thank you Jacob, for all your help.” That means I’ve done right by this person. That means the company’s done right by them. That means the company’s doing well. My informal title is really relationship manager, and it’s the relationships that I like and doing right by people that I like. My tagline is, “I help investors become more successful.” So, that’s really the goal. It doesn’t matter the size as long as the person on the other end of the transaction is happy and coming back for more.

How would you describe your relationship with Judaism?

Very strong. It’s been a cool part of my life forever, from where I’ve lived, how my parents directed the house and then where I went to school. So, even when I wasn’t at a Jewish day school in college, I was still very involved with the Hillel and Chabad on campus and doing all sorts of different Jewish things. I still learn relatively regularly with one of my old high school rabbis, Binyamin Moss.

What do you like about Purim?

I like the joy and it being a leap year as well. I think everybody’s a little happier for a little bit longer. I think it’s fun to see people in sort of an atypical manner. For example, my boss dresses up on Purim. It’s a very weird thing to see. I normally see this formal, professional guy. [On Purim, he] puts a mask or a sombrero on and dances with his kids.

Do you feel like working in a Jewish office has helped you grow in your Judaism?

Oh, for sure. It was a big part of what attracted me to Pimlico originally. I knew I wanted the High Holidays off for work. I knew I wanted to stay connected to the community. It’s like the best of both worlds. I’m doing something I absolutely love. I do it with great people, and I do it with people that allow me to continue my Judaism. We have a cholent cook off on Fridays. Every Friday, somebody makes a pot of cholent. I think an unspoken rule is if you’re going to make cholent, they only ask the married people. So, I have to pass for hopefully a little bit. It’s a little bit cheating.

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