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different rabbis surrounded by question marks

Stump the rabbi!

By the staffs of the Baltimore Jewish Times and Washington Jewish Week They say there are no dumb questions. Somehow that doesn’t help when you...

A happy ending for ‘Schitt’s Creek’ in season 6

By Sophie Panzer From left: Annie Murphy, Dan Levy, Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy of “Schitt’s Creek” (Copyright 2020 Pop Media Group LLC) At this point...
Harriette Wimms and her family (courtesy).

Healing a community’s psyche: Harriette Wimms

Oct. 22 update: This article has been updated to correct multiple errors, including about Harriette Wimms' education and career history. “If not now, when?” asks...

The perfect playlist in a pandemic

The song of stay-at-home orders continues to rock out on every radio station. Because of this, DJs have had to make an abrupt makeover...
Harrison spatz (Mike Norkin)

You Should Know … Harrison Spatz

Harrison Spatz, 28, is a dentist at the University of Maryland who specializes in dentures. Starting July of 2021, he will be expanding his...

Law and order, Baltimore edition: Arie Michelsohn 

Arie Michelsohn, 58, a prudent lawyer, has travelled to foreign countries and is on a journey of Jewish self-discovery. Michelsohn, who now lives in Mt....

You Should Know … Adi Ratzon

It’s not every day you run into a member of a coed combat unit of the Israel Defense Forces. Meet Adi Ratzon, 30, the shlicha...
Joaquin Phoenix (Harald Krichel / CC BY-SA)

Celebrities you didn’t know were Jewish and Hispanic

Hispanic Heritage Month, which ends Oct. 15, is a fabulous time to appreciate the big names in the Hispanic Jewish community. Joaquin Phoenix: We know,...

Four deeper meanings of the lulav and etrog

Like Abraham and Sarah, a bagel and schmear, or apples and pie, the lulav and etrog are a perfect pair. The lulav and etrog...
Alex Berezin (Hilary Maloney)

You Should Know … Alex Berezin

Alex Berezin, 33, studied information technology, but now he co-owns medical facilities. Berezin was born in Ukraine and came to the United States when he...