You Should Know

Eli Creeger

You Should Know … Eli Creeger

By Shira Kramer Eli Creeger, 36, started working at Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School as an assistant to the athletic department and is now the...
Tamir Goodman in front of an Aviv net

You Should Know … Tamir Goodman

Years ago, the Jewish Jordan — what Sports Illustrated nicknamed Tamir Goodman when he was just 17 years old — shocked Baltimore with his...
Samantha Kahan Strakes

You Should Know … Samantha Kahan Strakes

As a teenager in  Baltimore, Samantha Kahan Strakes grappled with her Jewish identity. When she traveled to Israel during the summer after her junior...
Alison Kowitz Kaplan

You Should Know … Alison Kowitz Kaplan

Alison Kowitz Kaplan sold insurance until she realized she could make a living from her own kitchen. Now known as Mom the Baker on...
Lindsay Gaister Montague

You Should Know … Lindsay Gaister Montague

Lindsay Gaister Montague encourages people to celebrate Judaism in whatever way is meaningful for them. At Har Sinai-Oheb Shalom Congregation, she helps people of...
Dara Hoffman

You Should Know … Dara Hoffman

One of Dara Hoffman’s favorite pieces of art to make is her “Different Not Less” piece. Using nails and strings, she creates a heart...
Julie Mazer

You Should Know … Julie Mazer

Julie Mazer knows a lot of people in the community. Whether from her days growing up at Temple Oheb Shalom and Har Sinai Congregation...
Allison Friedman

You Should Know … Allison Friedman

As a graduate of Krieger Schechter Day School who had her bat mitzvah at Chizuk Amuno Congregation, Allison Friedman is returning to her roots...
Jennifer Rotner

You Should Know … Jennifer Rotner

In August, Elite Creative made the list of Inc. magazine’s 5000 fastest-growing companies for the first time. It’s just the latest accomplishment for Jennifer...
Jeremy Costin

You Should Know … Jeremy Costin

Jeremy Costin, 22, wants to make the world a better place. That’s why he’s interested in global health economics, and why he’s pursuing a master’s...